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advent calendar

Celebrate Provence! Also developed in Lacoste, France, the Provence Advent Calendar was inspired by the beautiful scenery and sightseeing locations within the area. With the goal of creating a product that would inspire tourism while maintaining respect for the culture of France, this limited-edition calendar celebrates all the little things that make this beautiful region so special.

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Inside of Advent Calendar

the concept

Now that the pandemic seems to have lulled, tourism has become a major money-maker again. The advent calendar combines many of the local amenities of the region to inspire visitors to come. A collaboration with a local chocolatier, Puyricard, and Explore France! each chocolate’s package is dedicated to one of the many attractions of the region. Each chocolate is within a box, numbered for the advent. On the advent boxes, each one’s design is centered around one of the eight Herbes de Provence, which grow freely throughout the region. The decorative elements of the box also came from the herb motifs. The typeface is Le Murmure, from a French type foundry named Velvetyne type.

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Advent boxes

Each contains a chocolate with a different location theme.

Each box is themed around one of 8 Herbes de Provence.


The paper of each box is biodegradable and is embedded with the seeds of its herb. Just plant and water and enjoy the fresh flavors of Provence!

the how and the why

To equally represent the diversity of the locations, each of the chocolate wrappers represented their location in one of three different styles; one, only typography, two, only illustration, or three, a combination of the two. The colors represent a muted take on the French flag, to differentiate from other countries as well as place more focus on the designs.

Additionally, as sustainability is the future, all of the materials used for the project are compostable. Each herb-designed box was actually also seed paper for its labeled herb, with it seeds embedded in the walls. They can be planted as is to grow these delicious spices. The calendar would be sold as a limited-edition calendar and sent to be displayed in airports around the world.

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 le marché d’Aix-en-Provence .webp
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 Maison Carrée.jpg
Chapelle Notre-Dame de Vie.jpg
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Roman Theatre of Orange.jpg
Monastère Saint-Paul de Mausole.jpg
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Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée.jpg
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