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The Concept

As someone unable to eat dairy, Chao is some of the best vegan cheese available. In order to promote their product and show quick and easy ways it can be used, CHAO TO: is one of a proposed series of recipe videos. Vegan food can seem intimidating and confusing, especially to those unfamiliar with it, so the goal of these videos is to show how easy (and delicious) the transition could be.

Simple and easy

Using the idea of simplicity, the photos predominately feature the ingredients, with little to no background information. As a 30 second video, too much visual interest could cause confusion and disrupt the ease of the animation. Using Chao’s current typographic branding, I used frame by frame animation to draw over their typefaces and create a handcrafted effect.

The technical

Using a Nikon D750 and a ProPhoto dual lighting set-up, the photos were taken over a period of a few hours. Using Lightroom, the photos were mass edited and then put into Premiere Pro to build the animation. The frame by frame type was done in Photoshop and then imported into Premiere when completed.

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