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Climate change and sustainability are two enormous

issues right now. These posters revolve around the idea of what we can do and specifically what these speakers had to say about possible solutions.

reflecting in and on the environment around us

critical close copy.jpg
Why solving the Climate Crisis is critical for our Health
Renewing Renewables
The Caring City: Collaborating on Sustainable Urban Centers

The concept

In order to help shift our collective perspective on these topics, they needed to be represented in a unique way. Using type as a 3D element to represent what it’s saying helped achieve this. To show both collaboration and the idea of changing urban centered, brackets were used as a representation of building and working together. The colors used were purposely generic in order to immediately inform the viewer what these posters were about by using the typical blue and green associated with sustainability, but slightly subverted by using a bright neon green to show that this is the future. Continuing that idea of futurism, the informational type with the details of the event represents the idea of coding through being modular.

The posters were printed on satin paper so that where

they would be placed outdoors would reflect the

environment around them. This would be to cause

the viewer to not only read and understand what is

happening on the poster, but how it would directly

affect them where they are at that instant.

subway mockup new.jpg
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