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paper sample book

A paper sample book for the Yupo paper company, the Alien and His Ship tells the story of an alien crashed on earth, attempting to go home. Using story elements and design choices, the book showcases the best aspects of Yupo paper and how it could be used for their clients in an unique and creative way.

yupo paper

Inspired by the Yupo paper itself, the story also informs the reader about their paper, unknowingly. Yupo paper is synthetic, meaning its waterproof and not tear-able. This was incorporated into the story with the very first spread being underwater as the alien attempts to swim to shore after crashing. Yupo offers a paper named Octopus which is used later on in the story, but it’s also incorporated into the design of the alien.

How it's made

Using existing imagery the entire book is made of digital collage as a different take on the graphic novel. As the alien regains hope and begins to understand this world he has crashed onto, each spread introduces a new color. Offsetting the grungy black and white textured feel of the whole story, bright colors were used for the text, with each representing the color to be added on the following spread. The type treatment symbolizes actions happening within the story, such as the multiple boxes on the first spread showing the beeping of the ship monitors.

Other design aspects were used to potentially inspire designers such as using different types of folds to incorporate them into the story or the use of spot varnish and silver foil. The shop spread uses the Yupo Jelly paper on the gloves. One of the unique properties of that paper is that it can be placed and removed from multiple surfaces without ever losing its ability to stick, so it creates an interactive element within the story where the reader can help the alien hide on earth by putting gloves on his tentacles. The Alien and His Ship was printed on textured paper to emphasize the gritty quality of the story and bound using Japanese book binding technique in order to represent Yupo’s roots in Japan. Leather covers the binding to further show a handmade quality as well as bring in even more texture.

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