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Winery rebrand

Domaine was the rebrand of a local winery in Caromb, France, a little over 30 minutes away from Lacoste, where my group and I developed this project. Formerly Domaine J&D, we overhauled the existing branding and product line to create a cohesive brand story, rooted in the legends of the Provence region of France.


The Team


Integrated Brand Identity Campaign



  • Rebranding

    • New Logo and Logo System 

    • Color Scheme

    • Custom Typeface

  • ​​New Packaging
    • Three Wine bottles

    • Wine Box

    • Mini Taster Bottles

    • Three Boxed Wines​​

  • ​Advertising and Marketing
    • Social Media Campaign

    • Branded animations for multiple platforms

    • An in-person event and promotional materials for it

    • Animated commercial promoting the event

    • Branded Merchandise

3 Part Concept

Legends of Provence - Patterns of Provence - Visit Provence

Domaine was redirected to focus on the local myths of the region and become a celebration the history and culture of Provence. This was accomplished by incorporating three distinct themes: a local myth known as Les Frères Alchimistes (the Alchemist Brothers), the patterns of Provence, which were used as motifs used throughout the new branding to further ground the story to its location, and travel, which was to use the new branding to encourage tourism in the area.

All Wine Bottles and Box

Wine Box

Full Bottles


Mini Bottles

50ml Samplers

White Wine

Francesco Barberini

Red Wine

Antonio Barberini

Rosé Wine

The Elixir of Life

Mini Sampler Bottles

The myth

An ancient legend of two brothers banished from Italy for their experiments, the Alchemist Brothers have been chasing towards the Elixir of Life for centuries. The wine of Domaine owes its story to them, with the white wine, Blanc, representing Francesco, and the red wine, Rouge, representing Antonio, as they fight endlessly over the Rosé, representing the Elixir of Life. Every aspect of the design shows their #DomaineDuel, from the hashtags to the placement of the bottles on shelves. Once the duo fled Italy and made home in Caromb, they stayed in a house now known as Pré-Fantasi. This became the foundation of the new boxed wine offered by Domaine, using the motifs of the patterns and their reference to sunrise, noon, and sunset, to reference the brothers. When all together, the boxed wine creates the outline of the ruins that still exist today of Pré-Fantasi.

Box-Rouge turned copy.png


Box-blanc turned copy.png


Box-Rose copy.png


Boxed Wine


Pré-Fantasi Inspired Boxed Wine

So what did we do?

A series of three 750ml bottles make up the main wine line with a white, a red, and a rosé. Each bottle has a dedicated character from the story, who comes with their own main color and pattern to be used across all platforms together. The patterns can be seen within the labels as well as on the bottles themselves. Additionally, there was a set of smaller bottles of 60ml with simplified label designs for sampling and a boxed wine set. Asides from the packaging, Domaine had a complete brand-story overhaul which inspired a personalized typeface based off of the open-source type “Gulax” from Velvetyne Foundry, a new logotype and symbol, a logotype for each line of wine, and a sophisticated yet vibrant new color palette.



Photobooth / Social Moment


Animated commercial promotion

The experience

In addition to the packaging and branding, we developed a brand experience at the historic site of Pré-Fantasi that involved a wine tasting and plenty of fun keepsakes.