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Airport accessibility App

The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that senior citizens may represent one in five residents by 2030; it’s important that we curate companies and design to their needs so that they are not overlooked. Proxi assists those who have more difficulty in airports, older adults and people with disabilities, to get the proper assistance and knowledge that they need to navigate traveling.

Designed with accessibility in mind, colors used were run through filters to check for issues for colorblind or visually impaired users as well as having the option for anyone to edit the size of their type. Sans serif type with good leading ensures legibility. Colors have strong contrast and are vibrant and exciting. Lines and grids easily guide the user through all design elements to complete their tasks.

The design


The design

The app was made to be formatted for a tablet specifically, as most of the target audience, people 55-70, are the largest users of tablets and most own one. It also helps with some of legibility issues that can come from phone apps for those with visual impairments. A brochure was chosen as an informational piece as the target audience is usually likely to come into contact with brochures at doctor’s offices and other waiting rooms.

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The Website

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