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welcome to my portfolio!

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Winery rebrand

A winery formerly known Domaine J&D, we overhauled the existing branding and product lines to create a cohesive brand story rooted in the legends of the Provence region of France. 

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With the goal of creating a product that would inspire tourism while maintaining respect for the culture of France, this limited-edition advent calendar celebrates all the little things that make this beautiful region so special.

Advent calendar

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innovation festival
poster series

For Fast Company’s 2021 Innovation Festival, this poster series represents three different speakers and their topics at the convention. All of the designs were made with only typography.

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Boutique hotel

Based on the genre of Hip-Hop, Rapper’s Delight explores its culture and history in order to translate it to a livable musical experience. 

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Travel by itself is daunting, but with any sort of impairment its difficulty increases tenfold. Every task we find monotonous or slightly difficult are mountains for disabled individuals. Proxi aims to simplify the red tape with an app, website, and information brochure about the company.

Airport accessibility App

lyric video

Disturbia is a lyric video of the first minute and thirty seconds of the song of the same name by Rihanna.  

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paper sample book

A paper sample book for the Yupo paper company, the Alien and His Ship tells the story of an alien crashed on earth, attempting to go home. Using story elements and design choices, the book showcases the best aspects of Yupo paper and how it could be used for their clients in an unique and creative way.


In order to mix in my photography minor, CHAO TO: was created using stop motion photography and frame by frame animation to create a simple quick recipe video.

stop motion recipe video

22 is a Social Issues Campaign designed for the Mission 22 organization, supported by the US Department of Veteran Affairs, which uncovers the shocking numbers behind veteran suicide and provides resources to educate communities on how to support active military, veterans, and their families.

Social Issue Campaign

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